Our Story
Swinging Success: Our Story


Smashie golf is committed to elevating the game of golf by helping connect Golf Pros with those who want to learn, improve, and enjoy the game for the rest of their lives.

What started out as a passion became a reality for the Smashie team as they realized how difficult it was to find and book lessons with a local pro. Too many golf pros don’t have a strong online presence and are not represented very well by their local golf course. In addition, most information isn’t easily available regarding who and what types of lessons are available for the golf enthusiast.

Enter Smashie – we solve the problem of connecting students with exactly what they are looking for – a great golf pro with the golf lessons they desire to improve their game.

Through our extensive network of certified golf pros and our customized approach to matching students’ needs with the golf Pros’ services, we are confident that we raise the bar on all levels and continue to advance the game of golf for everyone – for their entire lives.

Golf Pros

  • Elevate your brand through professional and beautiful websites that showcase your brand and services
  • Amplify your local presence through local SEO and digital marketing making it easier for those looking for golf lessons to find you
  • Manage your students and their lesson plans via a platform accessible for both you and your customers

Golf Students

  • Use Smashie’s concierge services to help match you to a local pro that matches your needs
  • Gain access to your own Smashie golf portal which connects you to your Golf Pro
  • Manage and book golf lessons and receive new messages and tips in your personal portal